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Featured Report

Exclusive Report!

Building Powerful Health Care Brands

How Hospitals, Systems, and Other Entities Can Establish and Maintain Brands That Differentiate Their Organizations and Resonate with Target Audiences

Written by a seasoned health care marketing practitioner, this exclusive new report goes well beyond a discussion of names and logos to give you a real-world account of health care brand development. You’ll also get the best thinking of more than 30 noted health care executives and consultants.

You’ll learn why certain brand positions work, have the opportunity to take a quick positioning test, and get insight on winning over employees and physicians.

There’s more. Confused about what media to use in launching a branding campaign? You’ll receive full details plus recommendations on each medium. There’s also coverage of return on investment – including the details of how one system marketer has quelled her organization’s naysayers by building a bulletproof case.

You’ll find examples from organizations large and small: rehabilitation centers, psychiatric facilities, academic medical centers, children’s hospitals, and integrated systems. Plus the challenges faced by various organizations in a special case study section.

An appendix includes a glossary of terms, a list of recommended books and Web sites, and a discussion of brand architecture, including examples from other industries.

Don’t expect a treatise on classical branding, states author Susan Solomon, who points out that such books can be found everywhere. "It’s not about anything your Marketing 101 professor ever told you. It’s not about slapping a logo or billboard here and there. It’s not even business-to-consumer or business-to-business. It’s health care branding, an entirely different animal."

2004, 83 pages. $89 plus $9.95 shipping and handling.  Click to Order.

About the Author
Susan Solomon is vice president of marketing and corporate communications for MemorialCare Medical Centers, a five-hospital system in Southern California. She is also a faculty member at University of California, Irvine and Chapman University and a frequent contributor to, Strategic Health Care Marketing, and eHealthcare Strategy & Trends.

Table of Contents

  1. The Promise of Branding
  2. Finding Your Brand Position
  3. Internal Branding
  4. Physicians and Branding
  5. The Rehabilitation Hospital and Branding
  6. Branding and the Psychiatric Hospital
  7. The Academic Medical Center and Branding
  8. The Children’s Hospital and Branding
  9. Branding the Small Hospital
  10. Building Your Brand Through Various Media
  11. In Search of ROI
  12. Baptist Health Care’s Focus: Customer Service
  13. Children’s Medical Center Dallas Envisions a Brand for the Future
  14. M.D. Anderson: Getting More Mileage From an Established Brand
  15. Sentara Healthcare: Branding on Excellence
  16. MemorialCare Medical Centers: Branding Doctors and Hospitals
  17. Christus Health Creates a New Culture Out of Two
  18. Scott & White Gives Targeted Audience a Face
  19. Health Care Branding Goes Out on a Limb

Appendix: Brand Architecture, Basic Terms, Recommended Reading, Branding Definitions

Plus branding definitions, quizzes, exercises, and much more.  

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