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Special Live Audio Conference 
Held December 5, 2007

Driving Physicians to Your Organization

Strategies and Tools to Enhance
Physician Loyalty
Plus Results of a National Survey

Doctors are increasingly frustrated with more paperwork, ever greater insurance hassles, higher practice expenses, longer hours, and lower income. With these pressures, doctors welcome working with hospitals that offer a congenial, highly efficient work environment. Excellent nursing care, open communication with administrators, a technologically current physical plant, and delivery of a positive patient experience and high quality care are among physicians’ other key expectations.

Leaders in physician strategy understand doctors’ concerns and work hard to deliver an experience and environment that’s pleasing to primary care physicians and specialists alike. This information-packed audio conference will provide you with insights on what leading organizations are doing to promote physician loyalty. You will also better understand how to define physicians’ expectations and advance a culture to realistically nurture those expectations.

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A Health Care Communications' Information Resource

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Written Presentation and Audio CD
ust $209

In a content-rich 90 minutes, which includes time for questions and answers, you’ll receive details on:

  • A framework for understanding how physicians currently experience your organization and developing strategies for improvement. Learn how other organizations define the physician experience, identify models and tools to enhance the experience, and measure results. You’ll also find ideas for overcoming barriers, whether in organizational culture or resistance from middle managers.
  • Key findings and implications of a survey of physicians’ erspectives and satisfaction with hospitals and their leadership. Hear details and major action points from a 2007 Press Ganey survey of 21,000 physicians. Learn what changes physicians most desire in their dealings with hospitals and how their satisfaction level varies by specialty, doctor’s age, and other factors.
  • How a large Midwest hospital implemented an organization-wide culture shift to dramatically improve the physician experience. In response to leadership changes and increased competition, Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, OH, evamped its entire approach to physicians. Find out how the hospital developed a strategy of external liaisons, extensive leadership rounding, and a disciplined issue resolution process. Learn what worked, what didn’t work, and why.
  • How a community hospital system in a highly competitive market took a very focused, strategic approach to improving its environment for physicians. Two-hospital Bayhealth Medical Center in Dover, DE, was feeling the impact of expanded, but undifferentiated service offerings by competitor hospitals. Learn how Bayhealth received valuable input from physicians to make a number of small, but highly effective changes in various departments and access points.


This special audio conference will benefit anyone who’s interested in satisfying physicians and other key constituents, boosting revenues, and improving the workplace:

  • Physician Relations, Sales, and Service Directors
  • Marketing and Planning Executives
  • Business Development Directors
  • Service Line Managers
  • Chief Medical Officers
  • Operations Executives
  • Physician Recruitment Professionals


Catherine Baumgardner, Consultant, Corporate Health Group, Lancaster, PA

Lori Goertemiller, Director of Business Development and Physician Relations, Miami Valley Hospital, Dayton, OH

Peter Lanser, Vice President of Physician and Employee Services,
Press Ganey Associates, South Bend, IN

Pam Marecki, Vice President of Marketing, Bayhealth Medical Center, Dover, DE


Audio conference attendees will receive written presentation materials.

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Did you know?
A well-run physician relations program is critical to hospital growth even as consumer-driven healthcare gains traction.
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